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Betting on US Open Tennis in New Zealand

The US Open established in 1881 is the second oldest of all four Grand Slams. US Open tennis is played on a hard court ever since 1978. Initially it was a grass court tennis tournament like how most tennis events back in the day. For two years between 1975 and 1977 the US Open was played on clay courts which soon changed in 1978 up to now.

The US Grand Slam is the only one that has tiebreakers for each set in tennis singles match. Therefore, it’s the only international Grand Slam where Kiwi punters can bet on a tie/tiebreaker in a tennis match. When wagering on the US Open it is important to shop for the best lines and odds. That is why we have put together a list of the best NZ F sites. Additionally, we have put together a sports betting guide with the best tips for betting on the US open.

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Tennis US Open Betting Tips

Naturally to bet well on a sport you must understand how the sport and the particular event you are betting on works. There are 128 players at the beginning in the men’s and women’s matches. Therefore, you cannot just shoot in the dark when you bet and hope for the best. There are three important tips for betting on US Open tennis: Do not bet randomly, favourites are not profitable and know the stats.

  • Base your bets on reasonable knowledge- like we said earlier there are 128 players each so trying to guess and land on the right bet is carelessly risky. Know how your chosen player, performs in different tournaments. Knowing who your player is facing will help in how you bet as well.
  • Favourites are not profitable- An obvious sure bet with little risk also has low payout potential. For instance, the future bet odds for US Open’s Women’s Singles at popular tennis sportsbooks stand as follows:

Serena Williams 5/1 and Angelique Kerber 11/1

An accurate $100 match bet on Serena Williams will payout $500 whereas an accurate $100 bet on Kerber will payout $1100. See although Williams is a “sure” bet the profit margin is way less.

  • Know the Stats- knowing how players perform on different courts and also art different competition levels will help you bet better

What Affects US Open Odds?

There are few but important factors that affect odds in the US Open. Such factors include playing style, is the player a huge server, left handed or right handed? What kind of court surface is it? The court surface affects how the ball bounces and the speed with which it bounces. So, in that way player performance is affected by court surface. When betting on a grand slam like the US Open study the players statistics and how they play on a hard court. Remember the US Open is played on a hard-court surface. Just to show how the surface of the court influences performance, there has only one male player who has won on three different US Open surfaces, grass, clay and court. That record holder is Jimmy Connors.

Top 5 Popular US Open Bets

  1. Outright Winner also known as match betting
  2. Proposition bets – bet on anything that isn’t the final outcome of a match
  3. In-Play betting – which requires live US open results
  4. Set betting- wager on how may sets the victor will win
  5. Set handicap- A spread bet on a range of sets by which the winner wins by or the loser loses by

History of the US Open

When the US Open began it only permitted members from clubs under the United States National Lawn Tennis Association (USNLTA). From the early years of the US Open up to 1911 the US Grand Slam employed a challenge system where the previous winner was automatically admitted to the following final to defend his title. Only in 1968 did the open era begin where all professional players were allowed to participate. In 1970 the tie breaker system was established.

US Open 2019 Winners

Singles (Men) – Novak Djokovic

Singles (Women) – Naomi Osaka

Doubles (Women) CoCo Vandeweghe and Ashleigh Barty

Doubles (Men) Mike Bryan and Jack Sock

Mixed Doubles- Bethanie Mattek-Sands and Jamie Murray

US Open 202o Dates

Monday, August 31 2020  to Sunday, September 13 2020

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