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NZ Horse Racing – Bet on Horse Racing Today

NZ Horse racing is popular not just locally but worldwide. There are 52 horse racing NZ tracks and you can bet on these races online today. We link Kiwis with sports betting sites that have not just horse racing but a host of popular sports to bet on. In addition to reviewing online horse race betting sites, we have made an easy guide to race track betting. Firstly, we will explain the different types of horse race bets. Then horse race odds, tips and how to spot the best race book online. You can also find a list of the best local horse race tracks such as Auckland Racing Club and Ellerslie Racecourse amongst others.

Online betting on horse racing may just be the easiest money you make this year. Just in the 2019 financial year, over $23 million in revenue was generated from the international broadcasts of local horse races. Locally over $250 million was made, you can see why online horse racing is so popular in New Zealand.

For decades or centuries even, wagering on horse racing meant Kiwi gamblers had to be at the racetrack. However, technology and the rise on online betting facilitated an easier way for thoroughbred racing fans to bet online. The rush and excitement of mares, stallions or fillies charging down the race course can enjoy via television while betting online. We have compiled a list on betting sites where Kiwis can wager on not just horse racing but on other sports as well.

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Horse Racing Betting – Best Betting Systems Horse Racing

Horse racing betting is easy gambling even for newbies. There are several bets that are simple and advanced. The first and easiest bet, maybe the smartest bet in horse racing, is the Win bet. The win bet is simply a prediction of which horse will reach the end of the racetrack first. However, the payout is lower than the other more complex bets. Horse racing betting includes about 15 standard bets which are divided into three different betting categories – Basic; Exotic and Multi race exotic bets.  

Horse Racing New Zealand

How to Bet on Horse Racing for Beginners

The three basic bets Win, Show and Place are the easiest bets especially for beginners

Win – you predict the mare, filly or stallion you think will win the horse race.

Place – this a bet where you pick a horse you think will be in the first two positions

Show – pick the thoroughbred you believe will be in any of the first three positions


Exotic Bets – Types of Exotic Horse Racing Bets

Exotic bets are wagered on a single race.

There are five types of exotic horse racing bets:

  1. Exacta bet – this bet requires you to correctly guess the winning horse and the runner up
  2. Quinella- predict the horses that will finish in the top two
  3. Trifecta bet – predicting the first three thoroughbred horses in the race in their correct order.
  4. Superfecta – correctly predict the top four thoroughbreds in a horse race in their correct order.
  5. Hi-5 – predict the horses that will finish in the top

 As the combinations of horse racing results you, the payout potential significantly increases as well.

Horse Racing Multiple Bets

Horse racing multiple bets are wagered on multiple races.

There are five unique horse racing multiple bets also known as multi-race exotic bets

  1. Daily double – betting on two races and predicting the horse or horses will win two successive races
  2. Pick 3 – predict the horses that will win three consecutive races
  3. Pick 4 – bet on which horses will win four consecutive horse races
  4. Pick 5 –predict the winners of five successive horse races.
  5. Pick 6 –accurately guess the winners of the consecutive 6 horse races

How to Bet on Horse Racing

Horse race betting can be very technical and complex. However, if you follow the horse racing channels keep your ears on what the expert pundits project you will have better outcomes. Being an avid horse racing fan will help tremendously because all the information you get from following horse racing news will not feel like a chore. Below are the top 10 tips to help you bet successfully

  • Watch the commentary on the horse racing channels you will pick up helpful insights on which horses and jockeys have better odds
  • Keep up with live horse race results
  • Learn who are your top 10 jockeys are because they always have 90% odds of winning races
  • Horses that often win have a 33% edge
  • Select the race track with the races you want to bet on
  • Now select the specific race and bet amount.
  • After the bet amount choose the type of bet and number of horses you are betting on.
  • Make sure to check all the info on your ticket is accurate

Horse Racing Odds

Horse racing betting odds increasingly get harder with the more complex bets. Where there are more than two factors that influence the outcome of a horse racing result bet, the odds of an accurate wager drop. New Zealand punters must keep in mind a few horse racing tips when they are trying to determine their odds of getting correct NZ horse racing results.

Simpler bets – win, place and show bets have a better odds. However, the payout is less because they are easier bets.

The more complex the bets become the lower the odds of getting an accurate result.

However, the more complex a bet is, the higher the payout is.

Horse that have won previous races have better odds of winning. So do the jockeys that are top performers. 

Having a parlay of bets in horse racing betting is a good way to balance the odds and get a good payout.

When calculating your expected payout, multiply your bet by the horse’s odds of winning and add your minimum bet to it = expected payout!

Live Horse Racing in New Zealand

Why the race course has captivated so many fans is the adrenaline rush of seeing dozens of thoroughbred’s sprints through a racetrack. The advent of television broadcasting along with internet means for many gamblers the action can come to them. Punters do not have to physically be at a racetrack to see horse racing results. Many bookies simulcast popular horse racing events and allow live bets. What this means is bettors can watch live racing from the comfort of their homes or wherever they could be and wager on a Breeders Cup, Kentucky Derby or any other horse race. 

Finding the Best Horse Racing Bookie

New Zealand fans of horse racing games would much rather watch and wager rather than vet betting sites to determine whether they are safe or not. The task of reviewing horse race betting sites to find the best races for bettors to wager on. We have collated a list of two sportsbook for Kiwis to place wagers on any racetrack events including live racing. Not only do we connect our New Zealand gamblers to the top horse racing betting sites, we include a complete horse racing guide with various horse race bets, tips and strategies. Bettors can put all the tips to good use when wagering on events such as the Breeders Cup.

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