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Betting on New Zealand Cricket 2020

Cricket, the gentleman’s game, is hugely popular with Kiwis. The elite bat-and-ball sport’s history goes back more than 500 years. It. The English have given us more than just the tradition of afternoon tea. Cricket is widely believed to be of English origin. However, the sport we know its current form is believed to have taken shape mid-18th century.

New Zealand Cricket’s notable starts in 1930 when they played their first test in Christchurch against England. They were only the fifth country to play test cricket at that time. Since then the Black Caps as our Kiwi national cricket team is affectionately known, have played loads more games. As the sport has become increasingly popular, betting on cricket has also become popular.

Betting on NZ cricket requires three main things: the best New Zealand cricket betting sites, up to date crickinfo, understanding the different bets you can wager on the sport amongst other things. For now, we have assembled the top sites for online cricket betting. You can follow our betting guide below to learn how to bet well on cricket.

Best NZ Cricket Betting Sites

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How to Bet on Cricket Games

Betting on cricket games requires some knowledge of the sport. From the outside looking in, cricket can seem so unattainable for novice. All the cricket terms fans and cricket aficionados use may seem very confusing. Hence, we have put together a simple guide to help those newer to NZ cricket. If you are already familiar with the ins and outs of cricket then you can skip to our betting tips. Firstly, we have put together a small cricket in a nutshell guide below

Cricket Rules: How to Play Cricket

In cricket two teams play against each other, a batting and fielding team. The batting team aims to get in as many runs (that is running from one set of wickets from one end of the pitch to the other) as possible. While the fielding team tries to do one of two things: get the batsmen from the batting team out or limit the number of runs they can get.

Batsmen aim to hit the ball such that the ball hits the boundary having bounced once or not at all. When the ball bounces once before hitting the boundary the cricket team earns four runs. Where as when the ball just hits the boundary without bouncing at all its an automatic six runs earned. These two scenarios are just referred to as fours and sixes.

Different Types of Cricket Bets


Like many other sports, gambling on cricket was limited to cricket games outcomes. With the growth of the game of sports betting and bookmakers, the range of bets grew too. NZ cricket sportsbook have sometimes over a hundred bets Kiwis can wager. They all fall under the following betting markets:

  1. Tournament Winner- bet on which team will win a particular
  2. Match Odds- this is still the most popular betting market. Just predict who wins the test or ODI
  3. Series Winner- which team will win a test series
  4. Set the odds-
  5. For or against an outcome – also known as lay/back betting. Bet a lay bet on the team you think will lose or a back bet on the team you think may win


Outcomes of specific matches or series are still the most common types of bets. Nevertheless, Kiwis can place a whole host of other exciting bets on cricket. They do not always have to bet on the whole match outcome. Bettors can single out the individual players and bet on the best bowler according to how many wickets he hits or which batman will have the most runs. Punters can take it a notch up and bet on the number of runs they predict the best batsmen will run.

There is also a betting market to bet on which player will be awarded the man of the match award. New Zealand Cricket fans can bet on which batsmen will hit the maximum fours and sixes throughout the match. Not only that, they can bet on the highest runs per innings betting, where gamblers can choose which batsmen will hit the maximum sixes or fours for the match. They can also try to predict the highest score in one inning. These two types of bets are known as maximum betting.

Glossary of Cricket Terms

Match Terms

Innings – a division of a game of cricket in which one team or the individual player takes his turn to bat

Four- a score of four runs earned automatically when a batter hits the ball and it hits the boundary of the field after only bouncing once

Six – an automatically earned score of six runs earned when a batter hits the ball and the ball hits the boundary of the field without ever bouncing/ touching the ground

Overs- six legitimate consecutive balls from a bowler, an over is also used as a marker or a division for a cricket game (see ODI)

test – the longest form of cricket which can last up to 5 days

ODI – One Day International (ODI) is a form of cricket series in which two teams with international status, played a fixed number of overs, 50 on average.

series- this is when teams play multiple games against the same team consecutively (See “Test”)

Dismissal/ Loss Terms

These are the different ways in which the bowling team can take out the batsmen from the opposing team

Bowled out – When a bowler bowls and hits the batman’s wickets/stumps

Caught out – when a bowler catches the ball before it hits the ground after the batsman hits it.

Run Out- when the bowling team hits the stumps/ wickets while the batsman of the opposing team is on a run and has not made it back to the wicket

Stumped- this is similar to a run out, when the bowler behind the batsman catches a ball that the batsman swung at and missed then hits the stumps. This only ap [plies if the batsman moves out of his crease/position while swinging to hit the ball

Leg Before Wicket- LBW, where the ball hits the batsman leg before it hit his bat it is assumed that it would have gone on to hit the wicket, warranting immediate dismissal of the batsman