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New Zealand Football – ISPS Handa Premiership Betting

Although the New Zealand Football League is not as big as other countries football leagues betting on soccer is popular here. Besides the fact that the game is very exciting, NZ soccer gambling is likely very popular soccer has a wide range of betting options. From live betting options to the different types of football bets available, its evident why NZ soccer betting is popular. The New Zealand Football league for men is the New Zealand Football Championship (NZFC) and has been in existence since 2004. NZFC consists of 10 teams from all over New Zealand. At present the NZFC is operating as ISPS Handa Premiership. ISPS Handa (International Sports Promotion Society) is a Japanese non-profit organization which sponsors various sports leagues around the world to promote sports and inclusion.

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New Zealand Football Championship

There are currently 10 teams in the National Football League men’s division. There are three teams based in Auckland, Auckland City, Eastern Suburbs which is a recent addition to the league and Waitakere United. Two teams from Wellington, Wellington Phoenix Reserves and Team Wellington.  The other half of the league is made up of Canterbury United, Hamilton Wanderers, Hawkes Bay United, Southern United and Tasman United. These teams are in Canterbury, Waikato, Hawkes Bay, Otago and Nelson respectively.

How to Bet on the New Zealand Football Championship

Since its inception in 2004, of its 14 seasons Auckland City has finished first in regular season for nine of the seasons. Auckland football is obviously exceptional because Auckland City dominated the NZFC Cup finals as well, winning seven out of 14 finals.  Waikere United has won five of the 14 finals and Team Wellington won two of the finals.

When betting on the New Zealand Football League it is important to take not of the previous stats and log standings. As we have seen Auckland City had the most points in regular season in and also has won most finals than any other team. Five of the times they led the league in points at regular season they went on to win the final cup as well. Therefore, Kiwi bettors, wagering on the New Zealand Football Championship must take note of the team with the most points after the regular season for an indication of who may win the final.

New Zealand Football League Statistics

On average out of the 14 New Zealand Football Championship finals just under five goals are scored at each final game. Bettors should keep this in mind when placing totals bets. Of the 14 football games of the New Zealand Football Championship only three went on to extra time and only one ended in a penalty shoot-out. This is pertinent information for punters who may want to make prop bets.

Top 3 Bets for New Zealand Football

Based on the previous statistics of the New Zealand Football Championship we recommend the following types of bets for beginners.

  1. Totals bets – Football games including either Auckland City or Waikere United often have higher number of goals.
  2. Moneyline bets – This bet to pick a winner or a losing is almost always a sure bet in the NZFC because the teams that perform better during the season usually win the final.
  3. Point spread bets – the goal difference between teams during the New Zealand Football Championship has been one goal in 10 out of 14 finals. Only one final has had a goal difference of three.

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