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NHL Fantasy Hockey Betting

Fantasy hockey follows all other fantasy sports in that it is a virtual team of virtual representations of real players. The most popular fantasy hockey gaming league is the NHL. Kiwis have the chance to control and bet on NHL hockey games in New Zealand. Fantasy sport software is used to compute real life performance into points for fantasy hockey rosters. The high impact sport of fantasy hockey is very popular on the various fantasy sports gaming platforms in New Zealand. Our fantasy hockey guide gives tips on drafting players and betting fantasy hockey leagues. Beyond that we have listed the top sports betting sites where Kiwi bettors can bet on fantasy hockey games


Best NZ Fantasy Hockey Betting Sites

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How to Play Fantasy Hockey

As the person create the fantasy team you are referred to as the team manager. After you have finished drafting all your players you can then begin competing with other fantasy teams. As much as players in the fantasy hockey league are ranked according to real life performances, your ability on the controls will influence how the game goes. A lot of the work is already done by the fantasy sports software however, fantasy hockey is an interactive sport which requires skill from you as the main player.  The point systems follow track real time events of NHL hockey or whatever hockey league you choose. As manger you will draft, trade and drop players, following real life hockey changes.

Draft Your Top Performing Hockey Players

A fantasy hockey team consists of Centres, Wingers, Defensemen, Goalies and a Utility. Always draft your goalies first because fantasy hockey team success largely depends on solid goalkeepers. Each fantasy gaming platform has varying budgets that each manager is given to bid for players. Do not fall into the trap of using all your funds on super expensive players. Sometimes going for solid but overlooked players can work well if your very good at gaming. Prices of players fluctuate according to real life events.

Fantasy Hockey Scoring Roster

The most popular fantasy sports platforms are ESPN, DraftKings, FanDuel and Yahoo. However, Fanduel is more popular in the US market than in New Zealand.  Depending on what platform you are playing for a score is valued differently. Below we have the value of scores on the popular New Zealand fantasy sports platforms

ESPN  YahooDraftKings
Assists = 1.5Assists = 2Assists = 2
Goals = 2.55Goals = 3Goals = 3
Shots on goal = 0.4Shots on goal = 0.4Shots on goal = 0.5
Blocked shots = 1Blocked shots = 1Blocked shots = 0.5
Shorthanded points = 1Shorthanded points = 1Shorthanded points = 1
Shootout Goal = 0.4Shootout Goal = 3Shootout Goal = 0.2
Hattrick = 3Hattrick = 1.5
Goalies Goalies            Goalies           
Win = 1.5Win = 4Win = 3
Goals Against = 0.8Goals Against = 1Goals Against = 1
Saves= 1Saves = 0.2Saves = 0.2
Shutouts = 2Shutouts = 2Shutouts = 2

Top Tips for Fantasy Hockey Betting

Keep tabs on the new developments- some players may have been injured or substituted. Commonly goalies are substituted. Since your defence depends largely on your goalkeeper it is important to know all this to develop the best team roster possible. Success in fantasy hockey also largely depends on your knowledge of real-life hockey. You can start of with smaller leagues like the New Zealand Ice Hockey League to get a better understanding of the game. It would also help to clue up on NHL games since the fantasy version is based on that league

  • Betting on shorthanded points should be kept to a minimum.
  • Predicting which players will score a shorthanded goal is difficult because shorthanded points are rare. For example in the 2018 season of the NHL only two players recorded more than six short-handed points.
  • Go for betting on players who are most likely to strike a power play. It’s easier when a team with sharp plays against poor penalty point teams
  • Multiple betting lines  also known as parlays have a great payout which is also accompanied by high risk.

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