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England vs South Africa Rugby World Cup Final Odds

The finale of the Rugby world Cup nears its end in the most spectacular pairing. England v South Africa is most certainly not what many New Zealand rugby fans had envisioned. However, we are here now and we have an opportunity to bet on one of the best sports betting events. What are the experts predicting for this RWC final? What can we expect from the Springboks as they face the England XV? The views have been split from the various sports betting picks for the possible England South Africa score. The consensus however is that the England are the favourites in the up coming match. We have listed the best possible odds for the 2019 RWC final.






South Africa




-5.5 / 1.79

South Africa

+5.5 / 1.81

England vs South Africa Rugby World Cup

South Africa RWC Final Odds

South Africa are previous world cup champions and one would exp [etc them to be the favourites. Although they had a good run in this year’s Rugby World Cup, they were not top of their pool. They lost one match in the running to the final. Even though that is an impeccable run that is one loss more than their opponents. The Springboks lost to the All Blacks who were defeated by England.

England Rugby World Cup Odds

England have come out as the possible champions of the 2019 RWC. They were in one of the toughest pools in the world cup. Facing big names such as France, Argentina and the USA. They did not lose a single match throughout the tournament. They only had a nil all draw with France. They managed to defeat the New Zealand team which has set themes the favourites. In the tournament.

Whatever the England south Africa score is, we are guaranteed of an exciting final. Do not worry about not having Rugby to enjoy. The European Rugby Championship starts in two weeks and we will be giving all our New Zealand readers updates and odds for that event.

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