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Fantasy Sports Games and Websites

Fantasy sports are virtual sports with virtually assembled teams. The virtual players are based on real sports people. Fantasy sports software bases virtual performance on players statistics drawn from their performances in real life games throughout the season and their career. Fantasy sports is slowly but surely growing in popularity amongst Kiwis. Sports fantasy gaming is great for New Zealand sports fans because it allows them to be a part of the action of their favourite sport. Kiwis get to be virtual coaches of their favourite teams. This  grants the fans the control they often desire as they watch a game remotely.


Our fantasy sports betting guide aims to provide sports fans up to date fantasy sports info, gaming and online betting tips. We also briefly review the most popular fantasy gaming platforms such as ESPN , Yahoo and Fox. Below is a list of the best sites to bet on Fantasy sports.

Top Fantasy Sports Betting Website

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More Sports Betting sites

How to Play Fantasy Sports

To be successful at playing fantasy sports you need good grasp of standard sports betting you choose to play. Once you know how the sport is played, next is team performance statistics. You probably want to use your favourite, soccer , basketball , NHL team or whatever the case maybe. As a fantasy sports manager/ coach you must be clued up on your teams , real life performance so that you can place them in the right positions. The better you manage your fantasy team the better you will perform

Here are some Fantasy Sports you can bet on at NZ best fantasy sports betting sites


Daily Fantasy Sports

Daily Fantasy sports are fast pace versions of regular fantasy sports. Instead of waiting weeks for results, fantasy sports websites have daily accelerated tournaments. DFS games can all be done in a day or week. You can bet and get your payouts swiftly. So if you enjoy fantasy sports but you are also one for instant gratification then Daily Fantasy sports are perfect for you. Moreover you can bet on DFS at top sports books with the best odds and lines.


Fantasy Sports Leagues

Fantasy sport gaming is a favourite of many Kiwis because it allows a level of control in how their favourite teams play. Even when betting fantasy sports , bettors are more confident because they base their wagers on statistics which can guide their betting. Fantasy sports betting is less of a random guess all season the stats and odds are available as a solid guideline. Draft the most important players in your chosen sport first. In soccer you would probably want to draft your strikers first. Whereas fantasy hockey would go for a solid goalie draft first.

In the fantasy league you choose you will be given a budget of virtual money which you will use to buy players as in real life sports . As a manager, you need to stay within your budget so that you have enough money for enough players. Remember the top performing players from top teams will always cost more. Try going for the new players performers they cost less but may perform just as well as popular draft picks. Player costs vary throughout the season depending on the players’ performance throughout the season.

Playing Fantasy Sports for Money

Once you have organised your fantasy team and have completed drafting your players, you may now begin playing against other fantasy teams. As we previously mentioned  fantasy sports software records real life performances and converts that into points for fantasy leagues. The points are compiled into a roster by the person compiling the fantasy team. In fantasy sports, players are drafted, traded and dropped, as it happens in the real sport. The top three fantasy platforms are Yahoo Sports, Draft Kings, and ESPN.

Betting on Fantasy Sports Games

  1. Keep up with trends in the sport. If you know performance like how many goals certain players score or how teams perform at home or away games will give you an edge in how you bet.
  2. It’s easier to bet on outright wins because fantasy players will only perform according tow hat the fantasy sports software has recorded for them so there is less likelihood for upsets
  3. Keep tabs on any last minute changes, substitutions or injuries and adjust you wagers accordingly


Fantasy Sports FAQs

What is the most popular fantasy sport?

The most popular fantasy sport not just in New Zealand but the world is fantasy football.

What was the first fantasy sport?

Baseball was the first fantasy sport and way played in a very elementary fashion. It started in Boston where a professor started and it each participant would form a roster of their own team. The winner would be decided by the collated batting average of players in their roster.

Are fantasy sports gambling?

By law fantasy sports are games of skill and therefore even in places where gambling is barred you can still play fantasy sports for money.

How do you play fantasy sports?

  • Join a fantasy league
  • Draft players
  • You get a budget and some players are more expensive than others
  • Every week the team you put together competes against another. 
  • The best teams make it to the various levels and ultimately the final for a grand prize.

Which is best fantasy app?

The best fantasy apps are 

  • Draft Kings
  • Yahoo 
  • Fanduel


Other Popular Sports for New Zealand Bettors to Wager On