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New Zealand Super Rugby Fantasy 2020

Rugby has a devoted fanbase in New Zealand therefore its natural that fantasy rugby is popular. There are NZ fantasy rugby draft sites solely dedicated to the rugby online gaming. Fantasy Rugby draft is fundamental to assembling a solid team to compete on Super Rugby Fantasy games. Our fantasy gaming guide has all the information fantasy rugby players and bettors need. Not only are we plugging Kiwis to the best fantasy sports betting sites, we provide tips on how to bet successfully on super rugby fantasy games.


Below is a list of the best New Zealand sports betting sites which give Kiwi bettors access to Super Rugby fantasy leagues to bet on.

Best NZ Fantasy Rugby Betting Sites

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How Fantasy Rugby Works

Fantasy Rugby like every fantasy sport is a cyber representation of real life sports. Fantasy sports software coverts Rugby sports statistics to digital information that is used to simulate rugby on a fantasy platform. Fantasy rugby allow Kiwis to manage virtual fantasy rugby teams and play against other fantasy rugby teams. There are full leagues for fantasy rugby games in which New Zealanders compete for fun or real money. The fantasy team managers who compete for real money are the focus of this fantasy rugby online betting guide. However all fantasy rugby fans and players can benefit from our fantasy rugby draft tips.

The Best Fantasy Rugby Draft Plan

In order to draft the best fantasy rugby team, you need to understand how to put together your fantasy team. Fantasy rugby consists of 11 players on the pitch and 6 on the bench. While real-life rugby has 15 players per team on the pitch. Your team consists of a Fly Half, two Midfielders, three Outside Backs, one Halfback, two Loose Forwards, a Front Row and finally a Lock. In order to have the best super rugby fantasy picks, you can follow these easy fantasy rugby draft tips. Alternatively you can choose the auto-draft option, where the rugby players are auto-filled in order of player rankings in the fantasy rugby league.

  1. Study real life players and know what they are strengths are. Doing this will help you pick the right players for the different positions in the team.
  2. Use your allocated budget with caution.
  3. Do not draft fantasy rugby players based on emotion, rather draft players based on skill to have a better chance at winning


Super Rugby Fantasy scoring

Depending on what fantasy rugby league platform you choose the scoring system may vary. ESPN fantasy rugby may have a different scoring system from  Fox sports fantasy rugby

ESPN Fantasy Rugby Point Scoring

Start Match2
Substitute Appearance1
Try (Forwards)8
Try (Backs)5
Assist (this is whena try scoring opportunity results from a player’s pass)3
Penalty Kick1
Drop Goal1
Yellow Card-1
Red Card-2
Man of the Match†5
Every 5x Tackles Made1
50 Meter carry (cumulative – capped at 1pt)1
Line-out stolen1

Fantasy Rugby Draft Point Scoring

Try Assists4
Every 10 Metres Gained1
Clean Breaks3
Defenders Beaten1
Turnovers Won2
Turnovers Conceded-1
Penalties Conceded-1
Tackles made (9 -19)3
Tackles made (20 or more)5
Tackles missed (4 or more)-3
Lineout Steals2
Penalties Kicked3
Conversions Kicked2
Drop Goals3
Yellow Cards-7
Red Cards-15


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