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Bundesliga Betting Guide for Kiwis 2020

Only formed in 1963, the Bundesliga is one of the youngest most influential internationally recognised football leagues. The Bundesliga is the pinnacle of German football. There are almost 20 teams playing in the league. German football has loyal fans who enjoy betting on soccer fixtures all around the world. New Zealand is not an exception plenty Kiwis enjoy watching and betting on Bundesliga teams.

Bundesliga like most top tier leagues has relation or second division leagues. There is a secondary league known as 2. The teams in Bundesliga perform well domestically and in European continental leagues. Betting on the Bundesliga is so much easier since we have access to some of the best sportsbooks online in New Zealand. We have listed sports betting sites that we have reviewed for safety. Additionally, we have compiled a betting guide with tips, odds and best sports betting advice.


Sportsbooks with Bundesliga Odds

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How to Bet on Bundesliga

New Zealand can wager any standard soccer online betting wagers on Bundesliga. To bet in a profitable way, punters need to understand the league’s dynamics and how it works. There are several factors which influence how bettors can bet on Bundesliga football league. For instance, the teams in the Bundesliga table, how competitive the league is as well as particular events.

The teams in the 1 Bundesliga consist of popular teams such as Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund amongst other big names. The league is highly competitive but there are certain dominating teams. To bet well on Bundesliga results punters must be able to read the trends and see which teams win more often. Kiwis who want to excel at football betting on German soccer leagues must study which teams or players are huge goal scorers especially when placing goal focused bets like Overs/Unders goal cast, top goal scorer of the season.

Best Bets to Place Bundesliga Table

Moneyline bets- Bayern Munich dominates the Bundesliga Table. In the last 10 years, they have won the title 7 times. They are almost a sure bet but the profit margin won’t be that great.

Totals also known as Overs / Unders- NZ bettors can bet on totals of individual games or season totals. It’s important to keep track of how your team performs on average to help have a more accurate wager.

Point Spread – this is a soccer fans favourite bet. When you know the teams well you can really get good money for your bets. You don’t have to be accurate, just close enough

Asian Handicap- very similar to point spread bet but with a fixed spread.

Prop bets- major leagues like Bundesliga are great for the prop betting markets. Sportsbooks give great focus to major prop bets such as betting on which player will win player of the year. Prop betting is a wide range because within prop bets you find sub betting markets, for example punters can bet a range of how many goals the top goal scorer will have at the end of the season

Bundesliga Records

The highest number of titles record is held by Bayern Munich along with Highest number of points and Highest number of points in a season.

The runners up in the Bundesliga are almost always Borussia Dortmund.

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