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Betting on Golf 2020 Guide

The game of Golf began in Scotland in the 16TH century and slowly but steadily made its way around the world. NZ Golf has loyally devoted fans who enjoy following the sport and even more who enjoy betting on golf.  Golf is one of those sports that you either enjoy or couldn’t be bothered with. However, because of the popularity of golf sports stars such as Tiger Woods betting on golf is popular even with people who hardly follow golf. The fact that golf is one of the few sports which can and is played all year round makes it a favourite of many sports gamblers. Kiwis can bet on golf all year without having to wait for a new season

Whether you are new or quite a regular when it comes to golf betting, our guide to betting on golf will come in handy either way. Kiwis looking for golf betting tips have come to the right site Not only our listing the best New Zealand sites for placing smart golf bets, we have tips on how to bet well on the sport. Learn what the best bets to place on this old but classic sport are.

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How to Place Smart Golf Bets

Placing smart golf bets involves the type of golf bet you choose along with understanding how the sport is played as well as what affects player performance. For all our valued Kiwi readers we have put together a list of different types of NZ golf wagers. The different golf tournaments have also been included. Golf is beyond just hitting a ball into 18 holes. The types of equipment, swing, wind and golf course affect player performance.  Before wagering on a golf tournament, NZ golf punters need to make provision for these variables.

Golf Tournament Betting

Betting on golf tournaments pens up to a wider variett of betting markets. International tournaments offer live golf scores allowing players to wager on international golf tournaments. Whether you are betting on the PGA Tour, US Open Golf , Australian Open or local NZ Golf events you can bet and win real money with the right bets.

NZ punters can bet on a greater selection of field bets and find more fun prop bets amongst other golf bets. Not all NZ bookies have a selection of golf bets, which is why we have selected top NZ Golf betting sites for Kiwi bettors. Below is a list of local and international Golf tournaments Kiwis can bet on.

  • New Zealand Open
  • The British Open
  • PGA Championship
  • Masters Tournament
  • Australian Open

Types of Smart Golf Bets

There are number of bets Kiwi golf punters can wager online. We have outlined a few of the best bets you can place when you gamble on golf online. If you are already somewhat familiar with sports betting, some of the golf betting terms will sound familiar. A bet that comes standard is the outright winner bet. Commonly referred to as moneyline bets inn most sports. Kiwis can bet on the winner of the golf tournament. The game of golf has like other sports basic types of bets and complex betting markets. The types of bets will vary depending on how large the tournament you are betting on is.

Basic Golf bets

  • Outright winner – wager on the winner of the tournament
  • Round leader market – wager on which player that will lead at the end of a particular round not the whole tournament
  • To make or miss cut – this wager is placed on qualifying rounds, you bet on whether players will miss or make the cut for a specific golf tournament.
  • Two chances to win- a wager on two players that one of them will win

Golf Betting Markets

Future betting- Future betting allows you to bet in advance on a specific golfer playing in a tournament.

Head to head tournament betting- Head to head betting can leave you biting your nails right up until the end as you wait to see who, out of two golfers, will finish better.

Prop betting – a prop bet is a wager on anything other than the outcome of the final tournament. prop bets can be wild fun and wacky. For instance, bookies may offer odds on whether hole in one will be made by any player during the tournament or if the winner will throw his cap to the crowd after the 18th hole.

Live golf betting – in play betting requires live golf scores. Players with access to real time golf scores can bet on the outcomes of a golf game as it happens

Golf Field betting

This golf betting market is also known as a versus the field bet. This bet comes in two forms, players can bet that anyone other than the clear favourite will win the tournament. This form of the field bet comes in usually later in the tournament when a player has clearly set himself apart and ahead of the pack.

The versus the field bet also can come at the beginning of the tournament where the sportsbook will gather a group of players against the field. The players who are grouped are good players whose odds individually won’t threaten the favourites, but as a collective may stand a chance against a favourite. Below is an example of how a golf field bet would be

E.g. Gary Woodland, Patrick Cantlay, Sergio Garcia vs the field / 7:1

If you bet $10 on the group vs the field and any of the three players won, you would win $70



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