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La Liga Betting Guide for Kiwis

La Liga is the premier Spanish football league. La Liga goes by many names- around the world it is simply called La Liga. Campeonato Nacional de Liga de Primera División as it is called in its homeland Spain- is one of the most popular soccer leagues in the world along with the EPL and Bundesliga. There have been 62 teams have participating in Lal Liga or Liga de Fútbol Profesional (LFP). Currently there are only 20 of the best teams in Spain, at the end of the season the bottom three are demoted to the Segunda División and the top three in the Segunda replace them.

New Zealanders love a good game of soccer and they ardently follow La Liga matches. Betting on the Spanish league is a huge pastime as well. Our La Liga Guide gives the best betting advice for Kiwi punters. Find out the best wagers to place on La Liga teams and matches. Additionally, we have listed Kiwi online betting sportsbooks which have odds for La Liga games.

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Betting on the La Liga Table

The Spanish football league has some of the best football the world has seen. For the last five years La Liga has been the top of European soccer. Spanish La Liga teams has more number one football clubs than other top wold soccer leagues. It’s the league with the most UEFA Champions League Europa League and UEFA Super Cups amongst other accolades. Since the teams are top tier it only follows that the worlds best players come from La Liga. The Ballon D’Or has found its way to the Campeonato Nacional de Liga de Primera División more times than any other league.   The Best FIFA Men’s Player and FIFA World Player of the Year has been won more times by La Liga players than players from other leagues.

How to Bet on La Liga Fixtures

If this does not make it apparent that this is a highly competitive league, then we don’t know what will. Betting on Liga de Fútbol Profesional is a thrilling exercise. The odds are never as disparate as those other leagues there fore normally easy bets like moneyline will still have a decent payout. The best soccer bets you can place on La Liga are here:



Point Spread

Asian Handicap – this is a variation of a point spread bet

Totals – Over/Under

Season Totals

Punters also have the opportunity to bet on which teams will be relegated to the Segunda and which teams will be promoted to the La Liga table.

How to Use the La Liga table to Make Better Bets

Atletico Madrid34218551232871
Real Madrid33204959382164
Athletic Bilbao34121393740-349
Real Betis34127153949-1043
Real Sociedad331011123941-241
Celta Vigo3499164857-936
Real Valladolid34811152947-1835
SD Huesca34611173755-1829
Rayo Vallecano3377193657-2128



Using La Liga Results to Make Better Wagers

To make the most of La Liga betting punters need to understand the league. La Liga is not just one of the best soccer leagues but one of the leading professional sports leagues in the world. On average almost 27, 000 fans attended each of the La Liga Fixtures during the 2017–18 season. That’s top 6 attendance for any domestic sports league in the world and top three of any professional soccer league in the world. The top two highest attended soccer leagues in the world are the Bundesliga and the Premier League

When betting on the La Liga keep track of the league’s players and team stats. If you are betting on a goal cast wager or totals make sure you keep updated with La Liga top scorers. When betting on 1X2 markets check the La Liga standings to see to see which are the better performers. One of the most popular betting markets is on the relegation and promotion of teams, the La Liga table will give you a clear indication of which teams are mostly at risk. Betting well on such a highly competitive league like this requires research and a dedication to follow results and news about Spanish football.

La Liga Records

Real Madrid has won the La Liga title 33 times

Barcelona has won the La Liga title 25 times.