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Australian Open Betting in New Zealand

The Australian Open is one of the four major events in the global tennis calendar. Out of the four Grand Slam tournaments, the Ausopen is the “youngest”. It has been in existence since 1905, while the other three Grand Slam events had been established as early as 1877. Initially the Aus Open tennis tournament was played on grass courts for the first 82 years. Like the French and US Open, Aus Open tennis eventually changed its court surface to a hard court.

The Australian Open is often referred to as “the happy slam”. It is obvious the atmosphere at the Australian tennis Grand slam is infectious since this this is the highest attended of all grand slams. There are three main courts used during the tennis open all are in Melbourne. They are the Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne Arena and the Margaret Court Arena which all have retractable rooves in case of changing weather.

Below is a list of the top NZ betting sites offering the best Australian Open betting odds and lines for Kiwi tennis fans

Top Australian Open Tennis Betting Sites


Australian Open 2019 Betting Tips

As with all sports betting on the Aus Open requires punters to know how the sport works. In addition to understand how the game of tennis is played, Kiwi bettors must also be in tune with the nuances of each unique tennis tournament. It is vital to note that tennis players, perform differently on different court surfaces. Some players excel on harder surface courts like clay and hard courts and struggle with loose lawn or grass courts. Therefore, it is wise to research on the players who are participating in the Australian Open so that you can wager better on Aus Open tennis games

What to Know When Betting on Aus Open

Know how many sets are required for a men’s / women’s game to be won, this will help in set and game handicap bets

Place more spread based wagers because outright win or lose bets may sometimes be harder to predict in qualifying rounds. This is because the players who make it to the AU Open are the crème de la crème of international tennis.

Right handed players playing versus left handed players may perform in a varied manner than when they play against like-handed opponents.

Learn how players perform on different court surfaces

Some players perform better in doubles than singles and vice versa. Just because player is not a good bet in a singles game it does not mean they are a bad double bet

Best Bets to Place on Aus Open Tennis

Total bets- also known as Over/Under bets. Bet on whether your chosen player will win by a total number that is over or under the prediction set by the bookie

Set handicap – this is a spread bet on the projected range by which the winner will win by or by which the loser will lose

Game handicap bet- is a set spread bet on the number of full games a player wins or loses by

Future bets- most sportsbook already have set odds for the Aus Open in 2020

Australian Open Current Champions

There are five main adult Australian Open tennis events excluding the men’s and women’s singles qualifying rounds.

Men’s singles and doubles,

Women’s singles and doubles

Mixed doubles

Men’s Legends doubles

Women’s Legends doubles

Junior Ausopen Events

Boys’ singles and doubles,

Girls’ singles and doubles

Wheelchair Tennis

The current champions are Naomi Osaka in the Women’s Singles and Rafael Nadal in the Men’s Singles.


You can split you wagers amongst the different events. Additionally, there are five junior events of similar categories for boys and girls as well as wheelchair tennis.