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Wimbledon Championship Betting in New Zealand

Wimbledon, is the oldest and one of the most prestigious tennis tournaments. There are four major tennis tournaments and they are collectively called Grand Slam events. Wimbledon, since it was first played at the All England Club in Wimbledon, London, in 1877 has been played on a grass court. This is the only Grand Slam tournament that has stayed true to the natural grass court. All other tennis grand slams are played on hard and clay courts. The Wimbledon Grand Slam has a rich history and is a dynamic event with loads of betting action for fans.

Betting on Wimbledon matches is a big sideshow to the whole tournament. Plenty bookies have odds and betting lines on Wimbledon. In order to bet well on tennis Grand Slam event, you need to find the best tennis betting sites as well as know your tennis stats.

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Best NZ Wimbledon Betting Sites


Tips for Betting on the Wimbledon Championship

Betting on Wimbledon requires knowledge of how the event works. Firstly, Wimbledon is the only grand Slam tournament that is played on grass. Therefore, it is smart to research how players perform on a grass court versus a clay court. There are five main events during Wimbledon: The Gentlemen’s singles and doubles, Ladies’ singles and doubles and finally mixed doubles. You can split you wagers amongst the different events. Additionally, there are five junior events of similar categories for boys and girls as well as wheelchair tennis.

There are 128 players in the men’s and women’s events in the Wimbledon tournament. All players in the Wimbledon have gone through qualifying games to reach the Wimbledon Grand Slam. Therefore, they are the cream of the crop and betting on outright winners may be quite tricky. This is why Kiwi bettors looking to wager on these tennis matches need to research players to see what their playing styles are.

Some players perform better on grass courts while others excel on hard courts. A player’s performance also depends largely on whether the player and his/her opponent are right or left handed. Other players perform better in doubles than singles. Therefore, players who may not win a singles match may go on to win a doubles match.

The weather is also another influencing factor. In the past playtime was affected by rain interrupting the matches. This would then upset the flow of the game and might change the outcome. However, Wimbledon matches haven’t been affected by rain since 2009 when a retractable roof was built in.

Popular Wimbledon Grand Slam Bets

To know which are the best bets for Wimbledon, you not only need to know your players well but also how the matches are set up for this particular Grand slam tournament. The Men’s matches are won on a best-of-five sets basis while all others are best of three sets. Knowing this will inform your bet choices especially in a Game handicap bet situation.

The Most Popular Wimbledon Bets

Player progress bets – this is safer than outright winner bets since it only requires you to wager on how far the player goes in the tournament

Total O/U bets- bet on the number of games played before the match is won

Set handicap – a bet on the range of sets by which the winner or loser will win or lose by

Game handicap bet- is a bet on the range of whole games a player will win or lose by


Wimbledon Traditions

The tournament previously spanned from late June and early July. That tradition has since changed and the Wimbledon starts in the first week of July and goes on for two weeks. Wimbledon is not just about the tennis game. There are strict rules of dress code for competitors and royalty who come to watch the match. In addition to all the pomp and fanfare that is part of the tournament, is the strawberries and cream. Tens of thousands of kilograms and litres worth of strawberries and cream is consumed by fans throughout the Wimbledon tournament.

Most sports events have visible advertising around the field / court this is not the case at Wimbledon. Maybe this can be attributed to the Brits sense of being overly private about issues related to money and how they get it. Advertising is maybe too blatant an exposure of how they got money to put together the prestigious event? Who knows? What we do know is we look forward to Wimbledon this year. Maybe you can start placing futures wagers on your favourites.

Wimbledon 2019 Dates

1 July 2019 – 14 July 2019

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