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Manchester United Betting Odds

Manchester United is one of the most popular football clubs in the world. They compete in the English Premier League (EPL). Their history has been illustrious although in recent times they have not been consistently glorious. Their golden era was undoubtedly under the legendary manager Fergie. However, that is not to say Man U has lost all that made them the English football powerhouse that managed to win over 20 EPL titles in addition to 12 FA Challenge Cups, 3 UEFA Champions League Cups and a litany of community shields.


The Red Devils as Manchester United is popularly called have a large fan base in New Zealand. That is why betting on Man U and the EPL in general is popular amongst Kiwis. See our listed Kiwi sportsbooks with EPL betting lines and see which Manchester United games you can bet on. Our betting guide includes tips on how to maximise your wagers on Man United.

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Man United Betting Tips

To bet on an EPL team successfully, punters must be aware of the team dynamics, how the coach likes to strategize, know who the top goal scorers in the team are and other important team stats. The manager of a team has a lot to do with how you bet on the team because it affects performance. Like we said before during the Alex Ferguson era, Man U were an undeniable EPL favourite so betting on Man U games would have been pretty straightforward.

However, since Fergie’s retirement, Man U’s favourite status has waned. Therefore, punters need to be familiar with alternative betting markets that will yield higher pay-outs rather than the standard 1X2 bet.

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Top 5 Best MAN U Bets

  1. Halftime Line – since they are not an unflinching favourite anymore it may be wise to see how the game goes first before deciding how to bet on the whole match – Bet on what the score will be at halftime
  2. Draw no Bet – because of the ever-changing Man U playing style wager this bet because it offers the safety net of having your stake refunded in the event of a draw
  3. Double Chance – This allows you two options which allows a pay-out for any of your two bets. Place a bet on a team of your choice for two possible outcomes
  4. Point Spread – bet on the range of goals by which you expect your team to win or lose by
  5. Totals also known as Over/Under bets- this bet requires bettors to keep track of previous team performance to know how often the team scores

What to Know when Betting on Manchester United

  1. Goal Scored and conceded on average per season
  2. Goals Scored and conceded on average per match
  3. Wins Draws and Losses per season