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Typhoon Threats Disrupt Japan Grand Prix

This year’s edition of the Japan Grand Prix is experiencing some hurdles. The Japan Grand Prix location is in the path of typhoon Hagibis, which is one of the most powerful of the over thirty typhoons that japan experiences annually. Does this mean that the whole event is cancelled? No, the event is still going ahead as planned. It already started successfully with a press conference on the 10th of October already. All of Friday’s practice races will go ahead. Only Saturday’s races have been completely called off. What then do New Zealand F1 fans have to look forward to at the 17th race of the formula 1 season? The odds are out for the final race on Sunday the 13th of October. Read more to find out who your money should be on Sunday.

Typhoon Threatens Japan GP

Japan Grand Prix Winner Odds

The odds for the Japan Grand Prix at the top NZ sports betting sites are out. We have put up a list of the odds from three of the popular online bookies in New Zealand for the outright win market.

Alexander Albon  +10000101.00101
Antonio Giovinazzi  +2000001001.001000
Carlos Sainz Jr  +1000001001.00301
Charles Leclerc  +1505.005
Daniel Ricciardo  +100000501.00801
Daniil Kvyat  +2000001001.001000
George Russell  +4000001001.001000
Kevin Magnussen  +1500001001.001000
Kimi Raikonnen  +1500001001.00901
Lance Stroll  +2500001001.001000
Lando Norris  +1000001001.00501
Lewis Hamilton  +1651.901.95
Max Verstappen  +11008.506
Nico Hulkenberg  +100000501.00801
Pierre Gasly  +2000001001.001000
Robert Kubica  +4000001001.001000
Romain Grosjean  +1500001001.001000
Sebastian Vettel  +2757.007
Sergio Perez  +1500001001.00701
Valtteri Bottas  +7005.005


More Betting Options for 2019 Formula 1 Japan GP

NZ Bettors are fortunately not restricted to just betting on who wins the race. Even within the outright win market there is a range of bets you can place. You can bet on who whether a certain driver will be in the top3, top 6 or top 10. If you place a top 3, 6 0r 10 bet along with a win bet then you win twice. The other bets you can place on the Japan GP are:

  • Which team the winning driver will be from
  • Fastest lap
  • Nationality of the winner
  • The time difference between the winner and second place.
  • Visit the best online betting sites in New Zealand which we have reviewed for fairness, best odds and bonuses.

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