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FIFA World Cup Betting Guide for Kiwis

FIFA World Cup is the most prominent football if not sports event in the world. FIFA, Fédération Internationale de Football Association, is the world governing body of all thing’s soccer. So that covers Futsal, beach soccer and football in general. The World Cup happens every four years and it’s like worldwide excitement. Since its inception in 1930 the world cup has engulfed the world in football madness. As of 1991 FIFA instituted the Women’s World Cup.

Very few people can say they have never watched a soccer match. The World Cup is one of those events that even the most lukewarm football fans will be excited over. Betting on soccer is a huge pastime in New Zealand but the FIFA World Cup is an even bigger betting event. Sportsbooks even set odds for futures bets on who will win a World Cup that is still years away.

Our World Cup betting guide includes the best NZ sportsbooks with FIFA odds as well as top tips for betting on world cup games.

Bet on FIFA 19 At NZ Online Sportsbooks


How to Bet on Football World Cup Fixtures

Besides the obvious pre-requisite of understanding the game of soccer, to bet well on FIFA you need to understand three basic FIFA world cup basics. Understand the qualification process for the world cup, how the teams qualified and which players are currently available in each unique team. How do each of these factors influence the FIFA world Cup results? We explain how the FIFA result is affected by each of the factors here below:

FIFA World Cup Qualifiers – the qualification process is a preview into how teams perform. As much as using previous trends can help inform your betting decisions, qualifier rounds give a closer indication of the team’s form.

Which players are available? – Although soccer is team sport, some key players carry the team to victories. So, if such players are not included due to suspension or injury it will affect team performance

How did the team make it to the FIFA World Cup? – How the team qualified can influence how punter’s wager. Some national teams are included in the world cup because they are the host nations or on goal difference.

Popular World Cup Fixtures Football Bets

FIFA world cup final bets are the main betting event, HOWEVER THAT IS NOT TO IGNORE THE REST OF THE FIFA WORLD CUP SCHEDULE. We’ve listed the variety of soccer bets , our Kiwi readers can place on the biggest soccer tournament of the world.

  • Qualifier bets- FIFA oversees a number of continental football bodies, therefore Kiwi bettors can bet on a range of FIFA qualifier games from the different continents before they get to the main event.
  • Match up bets – these are popular at inter-confederation level
  • In play betting which comes in the form of halftime line bets
  • prop bets – FIFA football fixtures offer a range of prop bets, from which team will score the first goal of the tournament to which players will be substituted in the first half.
  • Group winners’ bets- the group stages of FIFA a valuable betting market. Punters can bet on which team will lead a particular group at the end of the round.
  • Asian Handicap Bets are also quite popular when betting on FIFA matches because they offer a range that still has the potential to payout even when the prediction isn’t accurate

Punters can also wager standard bets such as Outright Win bets, Totals also known as Over/Under Bets and Futures.

How to Use FIFA 2018 Trends to bet on Future World Cup games

Most sports follow particular trends. For example, hoist countries of the World Cup often perform better. Punters can go back to FIFA World Cup 2018 fixtures and see what the trends performance wise were. You can check on FIFA World Cup 2018 Results to see which teams performed well and which won through goal difference or penalties. Knowing this will help you in placing your next world Cup Bets.

The last 10 World Cup Wins have been split almost equally between France, Italy, Brazil, Germany and Spain. This shows that these teams almost always make it to the finals so they definitely play well in qualifying rounds. Therefore, punters may want to bet on them at qualifying rounds when odds may still be more profitable.