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Euro 2020 Qualifier Odds – Russia v Scotland

Russia and Scotland will face off in the Euro 2020 qualifying rounds. Russia has already displayed a strong showing in their last six matches. In their Group I in the Euro 2020 qualifying matches they have not lost a single game where as Scotland has lost four of their games and only won 2. although Scotland is not much of a big name in European Soccer it’s still an exciting match to look forward to. Simply because the Russian team are the favourites does not mean this is not a match to enjoy gambling on. There are a variety of betting markets you can wager on and still get good returns. It is expected that Russia will win this match but what are the exact odds for the various markets. Do you have a clear idea of how you are going to bet for this upcoming match? If not stick, around as we explore the different odds that the various top bookmakers in New Zealand have laid out for this upcoming match.

Russia v Scotland Euro 2020 Qualifying

Russia vs Scotland Euro 2020 Odds

 As we have already mentioned Russia’s record has been spotless in this tournament. Judging from their performance so far it maybe looks obvious that they would beat Scotland. However, the beautiful game has had many and upset at later stages. Let’s take a look at what the odds are for this upcoming       match. For the simple betting markets such as a win, draw or a loss for one of the teams the odds are as follows:

Draw 31/10

Russia 5/9                          

Scotland 15/2

European Championship Russia v Scotland 2020 Betting Tips

You can also bet on prop bet markets such as the top goal scorer when the goals will be scored or on a handicap. If you’re looking at betting markets such as the top goal-scorer or what the spread or handicap will be it is good to take a look at how the teams often score in matches like this. If you’re looking at betting on the top goal scorer it would be good to look at the player records of each of the teams. Russia seems to have the better of the players however Scotland’s team has a few golden players as well.

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