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Euro 2020 Odds – Belgium v San Marino

Belgium and San Marino face off on Thursday the 10th of October and the group I know 2020 qualifying matches. This is the last match for both teams. Belgium are a pretty formidable side and it’s a pretty unfortunate pairing on send marina side that is. After six matches that Belgium has played, they have   been successful in each batch. Of all the teams in group I said Moreno is undoubtedly the worst they have not won a single match and have not scored a single goal in the hole group stages. It seems at this stage quite clear that they don’t stand a very good chance against the Belgians.

Belgium vs San-Marino Euro 2020


 Obviously, this means that the odds at the top bookmakers in New Zealand will not have higher returns for a win bet on the Belgians. A win wager on San Marino would hypothetically have very high returns it’s very unlikely to happen. Unless you are extremely lucky and you know something that we don’t we wouldn’t advise betting on San Marino to win this match. They would be better Returns on betting on a draw or on a handicap result. Before we make any conclusions or you make any decisions you may look at what the popular odds  at New Zealand best online sports betting sites are. We will also look at both teams’ records at the Euro 2020 qualifying to see each teams’ trends of performances.

Belgium euro 2020 qualifiers Odds

 Belgium’s record so far in this year’s euro 2020 qualifying round has been spotless the last all the last matches that they have played they have won. the goals that they have scored in total are 20 and only one is what they have conceded. they have managed to score 19 goals against their opponents and only conceded one goal.

To get an idea of how the Belgians play – here’s a clip of Belgium playing against the Russian team-

 San Marino’s Euro 2020 Qualifying Odds

 San Marino’s record on the other hand is quite appalling to say the least. The last six matches they have played they have not managed to score a single goal let alone win a match. Needless to say, it seems this match may be a bloody destruction for the San Marino team. If you are looking to bet on San Marino, we would suggest a spread or handicap bets. that way you do not have to predict a score a specific score only a range within which the score of the San Marino Squad would fall.

Euro 2020 Betting Tips

 If you’re looking at betting on top goal scorer we would suggest looking more at the Belgian players since the San Marino team has not managed to score a single goal period but since the Belgian players would be the obvious favourites in such markets they wouldn’t be a high return or profits on such bets. It seems the best possible Returns would be yielded from betting on a handicap or prop bets. We have also listed popular ads from the best sports books in New Zealand for the upcoming match. Good luck on all your bets.


Draw 35/1
Belgium 1/100
San Marino 125/1

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