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FIBA World Cup of Basketball Betting

FIBA World CupThe FIBA Basketball World Cup founded in 1950 is the world governing body of basketball. It’s the most prestigious of all worldwide basketball tournaments. Although New Zealand’s Tall Blacks have not been fortunate enough to win the FIBA World Cup of Basketball, they have performed decently over the years. In 2006, our men’s Basketball national made it to fourth place. Betting on FIBA requires punters to be dedicated to flowing continental basketball leagues and be familiar with how they play. Our FIBA world cup guide covers basketball world cup betting tips and also gives bettors a list of top New Zealand basketball betting sites.

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How to Bet on Basketball World Cup Matches

24 teams participate in the basketball world cup. There are qualifiers which often start well before the actual world cup. These give an indicator of how the teams which qualify will perform. Some teams have an automatic berth which grants them a spot in the FIBA basketball world cup. Punters will often find betting on teams that have gone through the qualifier proves is a little more comforting because there is an indication of how the teams play. Using previous FIBA statistics to see which teams consistently do better or have more MVP awards can also help in formulating your betting strategy. The best thing about online betting is that punters can get FIBA live stats online and bet accordingly.

FIBA Basketball World Cup

Popular FIBA Betting Types

In addition to the standard moneyline, points spread and totals bets, the FIBA world cup has a lot of more wagering opportunities. For instance, the format in which ties are broken in the FIBA basketball world Cup presents a lot of prop betting opportunities. Kiwis can bet on the possibility of a game ending in a goal average tie breaker, goal average of all games which involve tied games lot drawing and the match result of the tied game.

FIBA Women’s Basketball World Cup

Betting on the Women’s leg of FIBA hasn’t reached the heights of the men’s world cup. FIBA Women’s basketball is highly competitive and has been in existence since the late eighties. Just like the men’s FIBA world cup FIBA Basketball Women’s world cup occurs every four years. Betting on FIBA women’s competitions is much like betting on any other basketball games. Kiwis should exploit this betting market as many bookies may not be paying as much attention to placing stiff odds, therefore the opportunity for great returns is huge.

FIBA Basketball World Cup Records

  • The USA men’s basketball team has the highest number of medals won in FIBA followed by Yugoslavia.
  • USA women’s basketball team also leads FIBA women’s medal table and its medal collection is more than that of the men’s team. They have collected 10 gold medals in comparison to the men’s five
  • Although the USA leads the world cup stats, the top scorer since FIBA was founded has never been from the American team.
  • Kirk Penney, Tall Blacks player is in the Top 10 cumulative points scorers in FIBA World Cup games with a 16.6 scoring average per game in 27 games
  • The 2019 FIBA World Cup is the only basketball world cup to occur after five years from the previous one because FIBA moved it to avoid coinciding with the FIFA Soccer World Cup

How Teams Qualify for FIBA World Cup

FIBA has five continental basketball governing bodies, FIBA Oceania which covers New Zealand, Australia, Samoa as well as Melanesia, Micronesian and Polynesian countries. The other continental basketball administrative bodies are FIBA Americas, Africa, Asia and FIBA Europe. Each of these regions have large basketball championships in which the top performers in these championships earn berths into the FIBA World Cup.

FIBA Europe has six berths which are earned during FIBA EuroBasket which is Europe’s premier basketball showcase. FIBA Africa has three berths through FIBA AfroBasket. FIBA Asia Championship has 3 berths. FIBA Americas Championship has 5 berths. FIBA Oceania Championship gets 2 berths. Olympic basketball winners get an automatic berth into the FIBA World Cup including the host country. FIBA also selects wild cards who maty not have qualified through the standard qualifying rounds

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